Sunday, May 24, 2009

Just me and my Kleenex box

It’s not hard to make me cry. I cry at just about everything. Happy stories, sad stories…doesn’t really matter. I’ve been watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for 13 minutes and the tears are already rolling down my cheeks. What is it that makes me so emotional?

Of everything that makes me teary, the stories of underdogs doing what no one thought possible are the most heart wrenching, and awe inspiring. I am inspired by others daily. In my job, my social network, the world in general…there are so many great people doing amazing things. Sometimes I feel like I don’t do nearly enough to make a difference.

The guy on EM:HE is raising his children as a single parent. The house they’re living in is a wreck. Plumbing doesn’t work, mould everywhere, not nearly enough room for the family to live in…yet, this young man still ensures that his children receive the education they need to make a better lives for themselves. They spend time at the library, in museums, learning about things that children much more fortunate than they are will likely never be bothered with. Outstanding!

And then there is Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent. Have you seen this video?? I felt the lump in my throat start the moment I saw her, because I knew she was about to be ridiculed, and I HATE watching people being made fun of. But then, all of a sudden she opens her mouth and….oh my god, her voice is incredible. Whether it was staged or not, watching the stunned looks on the judges faces, and hearing the cheers from the audience, I knew that this simple woman had done something incredible for those who were to watch that performance…she would remind the world that there is much more to a person than their exterior…that passing judgment on someone based on looks alone is not just wrong, but foolish. You cheat yourself when you dismiss others for superficial reasons. You risk missing out on getting to know some of the most beautiful souls, the most talented spirits, and most noble hearts. I, for one, will be cheering Susan on through the finals, and hope that in the end, all those who were touched by her performance look at their fellow men and women in a different way.

This lesson was hammered home to me again this past weekend as I watched the Farrah Fawcett story on television. Now, I have to admit that I have, in the past, judged Farrah for being TOO beautiful, and for being an airhead, your typical ditsy blonde (sorry to all my blonde friends!). But watching this movie documenting her daily struggles with a brutal form of cancer…I have a new appreciation for this woman’s strength and courage under tremendous pressure. I think back to her last appearance on David Lettermen…she was obviously stoned, and therefore an easy target for laughs. What no one likely knew is that at the time, she was heavily medicated due to the excruciating pain her cancer was causing her, and that her appearance was her attempt at living her remaining days as normally as possible. Maybe someone should have suggested that she not appear in that state…maybe someone did…but in hindsight, I feel bad for laughing. I bet David Letterman does now too. This movie was a brutal, honest look at the devastating effects of cancer…if you didn’t see it, I encourage you to try to find a copy to download.

I used to feel foolish for crying and would try to hide the tears, but I have come to realize that they are natural, normal…and a sign that I am affected by the world around me…I consider that something to be proud of. Although I still don’t want to talk about Marley & Me…seriously, I don’t even like dogs!


  1. I missed the Farrah episode but after reading your comments I'll try and watch it.
    What do you think about Jon and Kate?

  2. Oh my god...I can't believe how much their relationship has fallen apart. I blame the show, although she can be quite a bitch too. I feel sorry for the kids...nothing like living through the break up of your parents on television!